New York November

November is usually not a month I look forward to.  With it comes my worst enemies: the first days below freezing, a dry (and no longer tan) complexion, more football and unacceptable levels of darkness. It serves as a precursor to the 6-month wintery Hell we’re about to endure (don’t deny it, Fall Lovers).

Of course, in New York, even I can get on board with November, and instead of hiding from this perpetually grey, dark month, Stove and I went on with our lives and happily spent our free time and weekends soaking up our new city.


It also helped that November started in the best way – by driving to Massachusetts and celebrating Grammy’s 75th birthday. Serious shout-out to her for providing us with a lifetime of constant unconditional love, support and rice-and-eggs. Also, this woman is major goals – she looks at least 20 years younger than her age and is more active and hardworking than any of us…Happy Birthday Grammy, we love you infinitely!


Grammy on the IG Filters 🙂


The following weekend back in New York, we tried to go to an The Festival of Life exhibit by Yayoi Kusama. Unfortunately, I grossly underestimated how badly people want those Instagram pics, and even though we arrived right as the gallery opened, the line was already 4-hours long and the temperature was hovering right below freezing…so we bailed. Fail #1.


This fail wasn’t too terrible because we ended up walking to The Whitney where Stove and I discovered our true talent, finding art that matches our clothing, and then we took the train to Brooklyn Heights to down some steamy, cheap-for-NY-standards, ramen.



The second fail of the day was more tragic.  There is a restaurant named Lilia in Williamsburg (everything cool and hard to get into is in Williamsburg) that I’ve wanted to go to ever since I saw a picture of their rigatoni on Instagram. The catch is, it is always completely booked with reservations 30 days in advance…

Since a reservation is out of the question, I thought we’d be clever and show up around 5 PM (insanely early for NY dinner standards) and get a seat at the bar – our favorite place to eat any way.  Ha, good try, me.  The wait for the bar was already 3 hours and they weren’t taking anymore walk-ins.  We left rejected and settled for subpar tacos and decent cocktails across the street at Casa Publica.  Fail #2.

I haven’t given up on Lilia – the harder it is for us to get in, the more I want to drown myself in their gnocchi.  I’m thinking we can try to go on a less conspicuous day and time – like a Tuesday at 5:30 PM…you can’t break my spirit, NYC restaurant-scene.

On a positive note, the following weekend we were able to visit the Yayoi Kusama show! Small NY victories. It only took waking up at 6:30 AM on a Saturday, taking the train to Chelsea and arriving to the David Zwirner gallery at 8 AM (2 hours before it opened).  Our efforts paid off – we were among the first let in and the exhibit was amazing – no regrets.  We finished this successful day by eating Ethiopian and seeing the movie Lady Bird (this movie is all of us in the early 2000s, and if you haven’t seen it yet, go, now).


The last 10 days of November passed by in a blur.  The Monday before real T-day, we had our first Brooklyn-style Friendsgiving with Erin + Lily (and their friends, who they claim to have none of); I made my first homemade bread for the occasion and Erin changed our lives by making a corn soufflé.

Image Cred Goes to Lily!

We continued the week of over-indulgence by driving to Massachusetts to eat an incredible Thanksgiving feast put on by G&P followed by all the Thanksgiving Sandwiches Stove could ever dream of.

When you’re a 2nd child, no one realizes you’re feeding yourself with a knife


We ended this month by both getting ill (we blame it on infinite disease carrier known as the NY subway.)  I, quite sadly, was sick on Thanksgiving and Stove got sick a few days later. Being sick is annoying, but you know what isn’t?  All the soup we’ve been making and consuming this month, which includes:

  • Vegan Butternut Squash
  • Carrot Ginger
  • Healthy Potato Leek Soup x3 (my new favorite)
  • Lentil Stew
  • Chicken Stew x2 (for Stove’s illness)
  • Kale White Bean
  • Vegetable Stock


Stove also was let me have an Audrey-marathon day which included the best 2 NY Audrey Movies: Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Luckily, I recovered from my illness just in time to eat more soup in the form of pho and meet up with my moon sister, Katie (visiting from LA where she does things like soul cycle with Sophia Bush – NBD) and her hilarious brother, Eddie.   Sydney was excited to see her too…

Sydney loves everyone more than her parents


(The best part of NYC besides all of it, is that although we don’t have a big friend group here, almost every weekend one of our friends or family have been in town so we haven’t quite felt that “moved-to-a-new-city-have-no-friends-so-we’re-lonely” feeling yet.)

I ended November in a very Manhattan-y way – by going to see the I, Tonya movie premier with Erin at the Anjelika Film Center where Margot Robbie arrived to introduce her latest film to the audience.  (Stove didn’t want to attend the movie, although he was a bit bummed he didn’t get to see Margot IRL)

Blurry Margot
And now, somehow we’re in December, just a few weeks away from Christmas and NYE.   I’m sick, yet again, and we’re waiting to see if the snow predictions for the day are going to come true (fingers crossed for snow!!).  We’ll check back in around … New Years?  Crazy.  Have happy holidays everyone!



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