Full Circle …

By Lu

I promise, promise we will finish our World Trip posts soon (I actually wrote most of them but feel like I’ve had 0 down time to edit pictures), but for right now we wanted to give everyone a life update and explain how we ended up suddenly living and working in New York City.

First, I’d like to tell everyone I strongly believe in signs / fate / the universe being magical sometimes in your favor – whatever you want to call it… And the reason this is important because the story I am about to tell you, in my opinion, is absolutely improbable and crazy.

Let’s journey back to my 29th birthday this year, because I believe that is truly where this all starts.  On March 29th I turned 29, and I spent this “golden birthday” working on a photo shoot in NYC and enjoying a truly beautiful dinner in the East Village with my friend and manager, Jen (miss you Jen!).  I remember walking around New York with her and stumbling upon the Washington Square Arch, and thinking what I always think when I’m in New York – one day I hoped to live here.


Flash forward to the beginning of our World Trip in May – the first place we stopped at was in Porto, Portugal, a stop we had decided on last minute (originally we were starting our trip in Norway, but flights to Porto were dirt cheap).  It was in Porto where we stayed in our of favorite AirBnBs and met THE Lily and Erin – 2 American Expats that we connected with and who subsequently became our travel mentors throughout the rest of our trip because they had been or lived in almost every stop we had on our itinerary (Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, Tangier…seriously they’ve been everywhere!).

Jump forward again – as the overseas part of the trip came to an end, we made another last minute decision to skip our planned final stop of London and instead spend a few days in NYC (Steve had never been – a whole post on this week is coming soon).  Well wouldn’t you know who also happened to be back living in NY because of unforeseen circumstances…Lily and Erin.

Yup.  It had been 2.5 months since the last time we saw them and we were so eager to meet up and share our experiences / thank them for all of their wonderful advice.  We had another lovely night out with them and some of their NY friends, and were so sad to say goodbye, once again, to our new friends.


Post NYC, Stove and I took 2 weeks to sleep, hang out with family, and contemplate our next steps.  It was at this point I started applying for jobs.  I honestly was applying all over the place (Boston, Maine, NYC…) and figured it would be months before either of us actually got an offer and it was better to get the process started early rather than wait for our dwindling savings account to hit $0 before we began looking.

Well, I was wrong.

Within 4 days of being back in America, I had a phone interview for a photo producer and a few days later, we took the bus back to NYC for my in person interview.  I immediately loved the company culture and the people who interviewed me and hoped to work there.  However since we weren’t sure of whether or not I’d actually get an offer, we continued with our plans to road trip down to Ohio then out west to see friends and camp.

About 1 1/2 weeks later, we were in Colorado staying at one of my best friend’s house, when I received the offer and a start date of August 28. Exactly 4 months to the day after quitting our jobs in Ohio, I would be starting my new job in NYC (see, fate).


A week later, after driving for almost 2 weeks straight around the country, Stove and I headed back to the East Coast and again trekked down to NYC to find an apartment.  We found nothing, and after days of constantly searching only came up empty, I was beginning to worry.

It’s here where you’ll be like…that’s so crazy!  Because it was around this time I was talking to Lily and telling her of my apartment searching-woes when she said, “Hang on a minute…our roommate is going out of the country for 5 weeks – I’m sure you can move in here if we ask him.”  So she asked and he said yes, and that is how… Steve and I are living with our beloved friends from Portugal / traveling gurus Lily and Erin!!!!!

If that isn’t some J.K. Rowling level of magical destiny, I don’t know what is.

So for the past 3 weeks, we’ve been having the best time here with our new roommates – together we’ve gone to a Yankees game where we spotted Adam Sandler, went on a 2.5 hour pizza-adventure, spent some time at my first real Brooklyn Art Show (v. interesting experience) and watched a lot of American Ninja.

The only downside has been Steve has been driving back and forth from NYC to  Boston to take care of our pets (our sublet doesn’t allow pets!).  It’s probably the most independent I’ve ever been and most time away from each other we’ve ever spent – true story. But he starts his new job TOMORROW so yayayaya!

I intend to write a whole post about our first month in NYC, but I can barely keep my eyes open so I will share our final piece of news.

We signed our permanent lease this week and are moving in October 1st!  It is the first time in more than 6 months that we will have our own place and words cannot tell you how excited we both are.  We are living less than a mile from Lily and Erin in Park Slope and I am extra happy to share our new place is above a Thai and pizza restaurant – we’ve already eaten at both and I’m in love.

More pizza-posts, final World Trip posts and NYC updates to come in the new few weeks…once we are settled and have a routine again, keeping up with our blog will hopefully be easier.

Anyway, once again thanks to everyone who followed along with our adventures on the World Trip – we hope you will continue to follow as we figure out what exactly it entails to be a “New Yorker” ;).


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