The Weekly Crust – Bangkok!

Like many travelers, Stove and I have a running list of “Things We Would Never Do” while traveling.  Some items on our list include things like … don’t ever harass our French waiter who may or may not have forgotten you exist after serving your dinner 3 hours ago or getting upset if someone we are trying to talk to does not speak English (we’ve heard a lot of tourists gripe about this and it is one of our biggest pet-peeves!).

The biggest traveling faux-pas we always try to avoid, however, is to not eat American fast-food; to be honest it’s more like we won’t eat any fast-food (even in America) but ESPECIALLY not the abundant American fast-foods restaurants that seem to be everywhere in Europe and Asia including: Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s and KFC. Bleh.

I am proud to say that in our tiny travel lifetime we’ve been 13 countries and have yet to eat at any of said restaurants.  Small victories.

But one thing I did not anticipate was fast-food pizza.  I mean I knew that most countries had to have their own fast-food pizza, however because we did not know of any, we remained relatively ignorant to the fact that we could’ve been ordering fast-food pizza while traveling abroad.   This is a very good thing.

Why you might ask?  Well as I’ve mentioned before, Stove and I do not discriminate against pizza.  Of any kind.  It’s probably the 1 thing in my life that I am the most open-minded about (things I’m not open-minded about: FRIENDS is the best show – not debatable Seinfeld lovers and people who don’t like pizza or dogs aren’t to be trusted).  And not only do I tolerate fast-food pizza, but I crave it on a very unhealthy-level, and so does Stove.

One evening after experiencing 2 adventure-filled days of sightseeing around Bangkok, we got back to our AirBnB and were so extremely exhausted that a *pizza* sacrilegious thought popped in our head.  Didn’t we see a Dominos flyer in the lobby.  No..we couldn’t.  Could we?  We did…

This week on the Weekly Crust we review DOMINOS: Bangkok Style.

  • Restaurant Type: Sigh. Fast-food.
  • Cost: EXPENSIVE for Thailand – 500 Baht for a large *that they comically list as feeding 4-6 people…*
  • Pizza Toppings: Cheese-please
  • Crust-Crunchiness: Typical Dominoes-level of fluffy crust and decent crunchy bottom
  • Sauce-to-Cheese Ratio: Evenly sauced and cheese, but the sauce…was kind of like a mix of BBQ and tomato and the served it with sides of ketchup.  What is happening in Asia?
  • Quality of Ingredients:  We obviously know the quality of ingredients for a fast-food pizza chain will be minimal,  however we were pleasantly surprised the cheese tasted like cheese (the bar was pretty low).
  • Overall Rating: 🍕🍕
  • Synopsis: Out of all the Dominos pizzas we’ve eaten, we would definitely say this wasn’t their best effort (mostly due to the high cost and the questionable sauce).  That being said, it did it’s Dominos fast-food job of satisfying us after a really long day, and giving us a small taste of home when both of us were really starting to get homesick.  So, great job Dominos!  You still remain our least favorite pizza-chain in America, but good to know you have our back if we’re ever on the opposite side of the world and getting that “must-be-filled with grease and cheese” feeling.IMG_2801

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