Cannes, France

By Lu

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Cannes-as anymore.

(That’s the hilarious joke I kept repeating to Stove whilst in Cannes – it doesn’t make any sense because we were in fact in Cannes at the time, but we I laughed)

It should be said that Cannes is not a place on many (…possibly any?) backpacker’s list. To say it’s a little expensive is a gross understatement – the beach is 98% private (reserved for guests of hotels like the Ritz Carlton – a hotel that lined Lamborghinis out front of the lobby and constantly had paparazzi outside to catch a photo of one of their rich and famous guests) and the surrounding Mediterranean is dotted with yachts so large I kept asking Stove if they were actually small cruises; when we arrived by bus we were dropped off at a station that also rented helicopters *to land on one of the giant yachts I presume* and the cab driver who picked us up drove a Mercedes.


When planning our World Trip itinerary, Stove wanted to ditch France altogether, but I insisted … we HAD to see the South of France if only to fulfill all my Peter Mayle-induced visions of eating cheese and drinking wine while picnicking amongst the poppies and exploring the French Countryside.  Stove had no such dreams, and although we didn’t go to Provence like I originally wanted, we did compromise on Cannes because it is surrounded by mountains and a beach for Stove / it met my “See the South of France” criteria.


Yes, it’s expensive – but if you want to stay in a place like Cannes you make some sacrifices. First, we stayed in an amazing AirBnB located inside a church (cost $45/night) which turned out to be one of our best AirBnB experiences yet (Beatrice is a super host – stay with her!).  And since this AirBnB included breakfast, we realized we could eat a huge breakfast, skip lunch and then afford to eat a nice dinner each evening – #backpackinghack.

Beatrice’s breakfast each day
$$$ dinner

Plus Cannes is tiny and we were happy to spend our days laying on the beach and swimming, and while there is a museum, we decided to walk up to the top of it because it overlooks the city and not actually pay to go in. Compared to Barcelona where we walked on avg. 10 miles a day we were practically turtles here, and although we were only there for 2.5 days, this was a nice little pause in our normally hectic site-seeing schedule.

Stove has even converted to a South of France lover – this is a true testament to how lovely it is.  Peter Mayle, you win.


DSC09175DSC09196DSC09160 copyDSC09201DSC09195DSC09188DSC09173 copyDSC09183DSC09205DSC09208DSC09216DSC09134

Stove’s a converted France-lover

Next stop ………. ITALY!

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