The Weekly Crust: Bar(the)lona, Spain

For everyone who thinks we’ve given up on our “Try Pizza Around The World” quest because it’s been over a week since our last pizza-post – fear not.  We’ve been pizza-eating fiends this trip (I think we’re up to 11 pizzas and we’ve been traveling for 5.5 weeks).

The reason for our pizza-post delay is because we honestly have had THE WORST internet all over Italy (…and Spain…and France…and Portugal).  To this we say…W.T.F. Europe … get your WiFi sh*t together.

(The ironic part of all of this is now we are in Vietnam and we have had better WiFi, air conditioning and bathrooms than in most of the EU.  #Isn’tItIronic)

Okay, back to the pizza consumption.

In Barcelona we stayed in a very non-touristy neighborhood (because we are too cool poor for the Gothic Quarter) called El Putget, and it was very close to an even trendier neighborhood called Gracia where we found a highly rated 100% gluten-free restaurant on our last night in Spain.

Before you roll your eyes, I must inform you that I desperately wanted to try pizza in Barcelona, but I was so extremely tired of feeling crumby *bread buns puns* from the 14 loaves of bread all Europeans seem to consume / provide with every meal that I needed at least an attempt at a healthier pizza.

To fulfill my pizza eating duties and save my stomach, we stopped in Messie’s Pizza and before we get to the review we’d like to inform you that since it’s gluten free we give it an automatic +1 🍕 handicap because we know that it’ll never be as good as regular pizza, but we appreciate the effort.

This Week on The Weekly Crust we review: Messie Pizza Barcelona

  • Restaurant Type: Trendy sit-down dinner place that had a hipster-Frida Kahlo vibe
  • Cost: 8-10 € for a personal 10-12 inch 🍕
  • Pizza Toppings: I ordered Margherita + added mushrooms and olives, and Stove ordered the “Meat Pizza” – he’s not sure which one exactly, just that it had multiple types sprinkled on top with mushrooms (that description accurately sums up most of the meat-eating experience in Spain)
  • Crust-Crunchiness: Super crunchy which is shocking for GF – we were muy impressed
  • Sauce-to-Cheese Ratio: Quite a lovely saucing with the correct amount of shredded cheese *they do get a few points docked for not using whole chunks of mozz on my Margherita*
  • Quality of Ingredients: They themselves write that their pizza is 100% fresh and we agree – the freshest pizza ingredients Spain has to offer.
  • Overall Rating: 🍕🍕🍕.5 (with the GF handicap)
  • Synopsis: Very delicious – this gluten free pizza could pass for regular pizza (which we think is the highest compliment one can bestow on the gf version of any food).  If you are in Barcelona and you think you may just die if you eat another bocadillo, (or if you legitimately cannot eat gluten) pop on over to Messie Pizza!


Stove’s “Meat Pizza”

Next week on The Weekly Crust, we head to France!



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