The Weekly Crust: Tangier vs. Valencia

Today on The Weekly Crust we have 2 pizzas facing off from different lands: Tangier, Morocco vs. Valencia, Spain.

First up is Bab al Madina in Tangier, Morocco:

  • Restaurant Type: Not sure – we are thinking it mostly operates as a bakery
  • Cost: 25 MAD or … $2.50 for a 10 inch pizza
  • Pizza Toppings: We’ve entered the land of “sometimes when you order a Margarita you get olives on your pizza” – so while we thought we were just getting a typical Marg, we ended up with a black olive and oregano (not basil…) covered ‘zza
  • Crust-Crunchiness: l.o.l.
  • Sauce-to-Cheese Ratio: There may have been decent sauce but the crust (which was made of this squishy-Moroccan type bread similar to an English Muffin) sucked it all up. Also the cheese was some sort of cheddar-blend.
  • Quality of Ingredients: For $2.50, The ingredients accurately reflect the cost
  • Overall Rating: 🍕🍕
  • Synopsis:  We’re going to say that this pizza adequately represents the pizza one expects to receive in a Northern African city that specializes in tasty tajines and not cheezy Italian-fare.  The actual “restaurant” (again, it was probably a bakery) is quite adorable and the man who was making our pizza seemed very proud of his creation.  For those reasons, we say go. Not to have the best pizza of your life, but to have a new pizza-eating-in-Africa experience!


And now onto Pizzeria Palleter 33 in Valencia, Spain:

  • Restaurant Type: Cute, and casual sit-down
  • Cost: 10-12 € / pizza
  • Pizza Toppings: We ordered a vegetable pizza (because that counts instead of salad), and a margarita pizza (in case you’re wondering, we always get 1 margarita because we strongly believe this is the best way to judge a pizza)
  • Crust-Crunchiness: The outside Crust was crisp with the perfect amount of chewiness – but the closer you got to the middle the more the pounds of cheese and veggies weighed down and sogged the center … we even had to break out the fork and knife to eat it (gasp!)
  • Sauce-to-Cheese Ratio: So, so cheesy. I’d say it was 9 parts cheese, 1 part sauce
  • Quality of Ingredients: Mid-level quality – the veggies tasted pretty fresh, but the cheese was suspect
  • Overall Rating: 🍕🍕.5
  • Synopsis: Was this the best pizza in Valencia?  Probably not (because we realized Valencia has a very concentrated amount of Italian restaurants), but it did it’s pizza-job of making us full and happy after a day of traveling.




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