The Weekly Crust: Sevilla

Time for the best part of our blog – The Weekly Crust: Spain Edition!

Before we get to the review, we have to give you a little background on our history with Spanish pizza.

Once upon a time, Stove and I got married and had a romantic, Spanish honeymoon in the idyllic Port de Soller, Spain.  We swam in the Mediterranean, took a sailing lesson, listened to Spanish guitarists and ate … THE WORST PIZZA of all time.  I know I said there was no such thing as bad pizza, but I lied. This honeymoon pizza almost ruined all pizza for us for the rest of time. The best way to describe the monstrosity? Wet.


…And while we knew we had to give Spanish pizza another chance, I know that I at least was a little hesitant going into another potential pizza-ruining-for-life scenario.  But somehow within the first few hours of being in Spain we found ourselves at a small pizzeria, and preparing to give the pizza of Spain another try…

This week on The Weekly Crust we review: La Piccola Pizza in Sevilla, Spain

  • Restaurant Type: Hole-in-the-wall-tiny-type
  • Cost: 3.50 € for an entire 12 inch 🍕
  • Pizza Toppings: Margarita (Spanish Spelling)
  • Crust-Crunchiness: VERY crunchy
  • Sauce-to-Cheese Ratio: Decent saucing + lots of cheese – including small cubes of cheese that we couldn’t quite place
  • Quality of Ingredients: For 3.50 € their ingredient quality is probably low, but it tasted like the finest quality frozen pizza ingredients out there. Think: Amy’s Pizza.
  • Overall Rating: 🍕🍕🍕
  • Synopsis: Fast, easy and great – especially if you just traveled 9+ hours with no food, and it’s midnight and this pizza place is conveniently located next door to your AirBnB so you go in and it costs 6 € total for 2 beers and a whole pizza


So did La Piccola Pizza redeem Spanish pizza from the dreaded-wet-honeymoon pizza incident?

Yes – the Spanish pizza curse has been broken!  This pizza was the opposite of wet – it was hot, dry and crunchy. No moisture to be found.  If you’re for any reason staying near this neighborhood pizzeria in Spain – we say go!



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  1. I don’t know that I knew you had bad pizza on your honeymoon . This looks amazing though !!!! Maybe this is a new career … world pizza critic !

    Liked by 1 person

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