The Weekly Crust: Portugal

If you know anything about us then you know one thing to be true..we are pizza obsessed.  We wrote about it in our vows (we vowed to eat pizza together whenever the opportunity presented itself), we eat it at least twice a week and on most weekends you can find us (Stove) in the kitchen trying new pizza / dough recipes from scratch – i.e. we’re pizza dorks, but we’ve accepted it.

I would guess that over the 9.5 years we’ve been together we’ve eaten a minimum of 1100 pizzas which has given us a great deal of pizza-knowledge – one could even venture to call us pizza-connoisseurs (our parents are proud).  And because of this highest degree in pizza-education, we know what people really want out of our travel blog – to know what we think of the pizza around the world.

So we’ve made it our mission to try pizza in every city we visit.  And we’ve created a very scientific rating scale with category breakdowns for how we will judge each pizza. The categories are: Restaurant Type, Cost, Pizza Toppings, Sauce-to-Cheese Ratio, Crust-Crunchiness and Ingredient Quality.

And the first cities being put to The Weekly Crust test? Porto and Lisbon.

First up: Mr. Pizza in Porto, Portugal

  • Restaurant Type: Fast-food
  • Cost: 1.50 EUR per slice
  • Pizza Toppings: One pepperoni and one mushroom
  • Sauce-to-Cheese Ratio: Meh – the sauce was there on the pepperoni (Stove’s slice), but not on the mushroom
  • Crust-Crunchiness: Pretty un-crunchy and doughy
  • Ingredient Quality: low (is grease an ingredient?)
  • Overall Pizza Rating: 2.5 / 5 pizzas
  • Synopsis: This is what we call “Utility Pizza” – it gets the job done, it’s cheap and it would probably best be eaten at 4 AM after the bars close.


Next up: Forno d’Oro in Lisbon, Portugal

  • Restaurant Type: Fancy / Sit-Down
  • Cost: 10-12 EUR per 12 inch pizza
  • Pizza Type: Prosciutto with Gorgonzola and Margherita
  • Sauce-to-Cheese Ratio: Almost perfect – a little too much cheese for Stove on the Prosciutto, but otherwise we were impressed
  • Crust-Crunchiness: The actual crust was very delightful and crunchy – but toward the middle of the pizza unfortunately there was a little bit of a soggy bottom situation for both ‘zzas
  • Ingredient Quality: High – they used local ingredients and even incorporated some traditional Portugese flavors into their ingredient selection
  • Overall Pizza Rating: 4 / 5 Pizzas
  • Synopsis: If you’re in Portugal and you’re maybe a little tired of eating potatoes and fish / perhaps you want a deliciously-high-quality-wood-fired-Italian-feeling pizza, go to Forno d’Oro, but make a reservation or do as we did and stalk the restaurant until it opens – otherwise you won’t get a seat!


We of course do not taking pizza-reviewing too seriously – we are documenting these pizzas mainly for ourselves because we l o v e pizza an unusual (unhealthy?) amount – but it’s important to remember that even bad pizza is pizza, and therefore it’s better than almost all other food.



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