The Hardest Part of a World Trip…

Is leaving our pets children.

I would argue that leaving your pets for several months is actually worse than leaving your children because you cannot explain to them that you did not abandon them, AND you cannot call them.  Well you can (and we will), but they probably will not realize it’s us … *maybe Sydney will because she’s a genius-dog*.

There have been so many last-minute to-dos in the final days leading up to The W.T. including: practice-packing our backpacks, selling old camera equipment to help finance new camera equipment, register for World-Traveler’s health insurance, calling our banks to let them know we’re leaving the country and go to 10,000 stores to buy last-minute clothes and gear … but the only thing that keeps us (me) up at night is the thought of Sydney and Kitty (real name: Holly GoLightly) thinking we’re not coming back.

Luckily, we are flattering ourselves and the reality is that the pets will barely have time to think of us because they are spending the summer at our Grandparent’s house – aka Hotel Grammy and Papa.  They’ll have a huge fenced-in backyard to run around, so many belly-rubs and extra snacks, and best of all they will no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of sharing the bed with us (currently we all start out sleeping together until Sydney gets too frustrated with her lack of sprawling-out room and moves to the couch).

We will try to keep this in mind over the next few days, but I can safely say that leaving the pets tops our list of the hardest part of taking a World Trip.

Please enjoy these adorable pet photos ❤


DSC02179 copy

DSC02181 copy
Our cat is actually a little on the evil side, but she loves us in her own way …

DSC02156 copy

PS – 48 hour countdown to THE WORLD TRIP has begun … stay tuned …


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