Goodbye Ohio

As of today, we no longer live in Ohio and we’re no longer employed (!!!!!!!).

I’m writing this in the car – we are 3ish hours away from my grandparent’s house near Boston and we’ve been driving for 9 hours with the last of our possessions and pets crammed unhappily in the backseat.

The week leading up to today was filled with many tearful goodbyes, but this morning as we packed our car up and said goodbye to Steve’s parents (we love you Pat and Tony!) we were both uncharacteristically quiet and reflective.

There is so much we can say about our time in Ohio – how we both grew up and eventually met in Dublin, how all of our biggest accomplishments to date (both personal and career) were achieved there, and how, even though we’ve spent years daydreaming about leaving, we know we’re going to miss our hometown more than either of us probably care to think about.

Right now, before we forget anything, we wanted to write down some of the things we’ll miss the most about Ohio:

-Our family and friends (we miss you so much a l r e a d y)
-Long, pool-filled summer days
-The CAPA Summer Series at the Ohio Theater – you can get dressed up and go to an old opera house to watch classic movies for $2
-Our favorite restaurants: Vino Vino, Giuseppes, Martini, PhilCo and Portia’s Cafe
-The big 3 fastfood pizza chains – Jets, Papa Johns and Donatos
-How green it gets during the Spring and Summer
-Jeni’s Ice Cream (only the Old Dublin or Short North locations)
-All the Metro Parks
-Apple and pumpkin picking
-The familiarity of a place we’ve spent our whole lives in…

That’s all we can think of right now without crying. 

I think a lot of people aren’t quite sure what to picture when they think of Ohio / the Midwest (besides corn) so here are a few of our favorite O-H-I-O photographs that we hope show you how lovely it actually is (all photos by Lu):

Wooly bears at a Columbus Metro Park



Goodbye for now Ohio, thank you for all you’ve given us.

Next stop, Portugal :).

Leaving work the final time

PS – The one thing I (not so much Stove) am happy to leave behind in Ohio?  Buckeye Football Season 😉

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  1. AH! So excited for you guys!


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