One Month

We are ONE MONTH away from our World Trip which seems so surreal – I’m not sure I entirely believe it’s actually happening.

We’re also only two weeks from leaving Ohio, presumably forever, which has me feeling nostalgic / sad / scared and Steve feeling jubilant (he doesn’t have my crippling anxiety or worries).  But more on that later.

There are so many things we’ve already done to get ready for this trip and somehow there is still so much more left to do! Here is a glimpse into our never-ending WT To-Do List:

Do ASAP:  

  • Give proper notice to end apartment lease
  • Cancel all utilities
  • Forward mail to a trusted family member’s address
  • Make final doctors and dentist appointments
  • Do some research on what vaccines we need for the countries we are visiting
  • Get said vaccines (we ended up only needing Hep A booster and Typhoid + we purchased some antibiotics that are only to be used in severe cases of food poisoning)
  • Get Lu tested for her suspected various food allergies
  • Sign up for World Traveler health insurance
  • Make copies of all important documents (passport, social security, marriage license and birth certificates)
  • Give notice to work
  • Figure out our overseas cellphone plan
  • Pack / move to my grandparents in Boston

To-Dos to Save More Money:

  • Cancel gym / yoga membership (this was rough for me)
  • Talk to our bank about credit card options – we ended up upgrading to a CC that would give us better travel points
  • Sell and donate furniture (we sold our guest room furniture and donated 7-8 boxes of books, DVDs, furniture, etc. because we don’t know what city we’ll end up in or how much room we’ll have)
  • Cancel all other memberships / subscriptions that are not absolutely necessary (i.e. we cancelled HULU, AmazonPrime and SmugMug)

The Fun To-Dos:

  • Buy our backpacks
  • Brush up on our Spanish (S) and Italian (L) by using DuoLingo
  • Book our flights to Portugal!
  • Plan our route through EU
  • Make our WT packing list
  • Sell my current Sony DSLR to get the lighter, way-more superior mirrorless Sony A7R II
  • Buy misc. items for trip including: packing cubes, Kindle, plug adapter, bigger hard drive and iPhone water cases
  • Plan Going Away party *tears*
  • Make this blog

I love lists.  Steve, not so much.  But *I* think it has really helped keep us on track, and we’ve been able to divide the to-dos evenly so neither one of us has been too overwhelmed … yet

Packing Our Final Apartment Up in Ohio
U-Haul life





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  1. Lists are the best . I’m glad you’re planning well . Do you need calling cards if your phone plan doesn’t cover it ? Also keep copies of your passports / numbers on your phone as another back up .


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