The W.T. Itinerary

Everyone’s been asking where we’re going on The World Trip, and that…is a great question.

While we don’t have an exact plan for all our stops (again, this is terrifying for someone like me), we do have a general outline of where we’re going and when.

We originally wanted to start in Iceland and make our way down through Norway, Sweden and Denmark before heading to Southeast Asia.  But, it turns out Iceland and Scandinavia are pretttyyyy pricey for 2 people who will soon be unemployed (i.e. we found hostels in Oslo are averaging over $100/night).

So we rerouted, and our new plan is to follow the coastline of Europe from Porto, Portugal all the way to Capri, Italy.

Portugal – Spain – Morocco – Spain, Spain, more Spain – France – Italy

((This map is garbage – but I drew it in 1 minute and it roughly outlines the places we’re stopping in Europe + a tiny bit of Africa))

In mid-June we will be flying from Italy to Asia, but we’re still deciding which countries to visit and where to start that part of the trip.

We’re definitely going to Thailand because my Grammy was born there and we still have family living near Bangkok that I’m hoping to visit / meet.  Plus Thai food is amazing – so many noodles! And Steve has Cambodia with its temples and beautiful coastline on his must-see list.  But from there we could go to Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos…we don’t know yet.

Before we return to America we’ll briefly stop in England…because…all things HARRY POTTER are in England! (Plus the Queen)

Finally, we’ll be taking a 1-month road trip around North America.  We’ve planned 0% of this, but we have 2 weeks between England and our road trip where we will figure out the rest of the details.

And that’s the itinerary!  If you have suggestions or recommendations on where to go in any of the places we’re visiting, or if there is a country not on our list that we should consider, let us know :).


(Top photo from our time in Belize)


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  1. Let us know about England . Maybe dad can arrange a business trip there as long as I haven’t started working


  2. Bon voyage ! Have a great time and stay safe


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